aea announcement

  4th Sunday of Lent 22nd March, 2020


  1. Second Collection: St. Theresa’s Carmelite Monastery Abuja
  2. MARRIAGE BANNS: First Call: Stephen Nater son of Teghtegh Iorhunde and Philomena Teghtegh (mother) native of Ipau-Mbagu, Gboko. Wishes to marry Lucia Sewuese daughter of Nongo Ayem and Dorcas Nongo (mother) native of Tombo Mbaya, Buruku.

Samuel Okludo Aloga son of Godfrey Owoicho Aloga and Ellakeche Aloga (mother) native of Akpa – Otobi, wishes to marry Faith Adiza Agbo daughter of Francis Agbo and Ajira Agbo (mother) native of Eyi-Ukpobi Okpiko.

Ugwu Emmanuel Ejike Ogbodo son of Mark Ugwu and Josephine Ugwu (mother) native of Umu Enachi Amalla in Enugu State, wishes to marry Nnamani Uche Rachel Christabel daughter of Odo Nnamani Raymond and Nnamani Christiana (mother) native of Umu-ugwu Neke in Enugu State.

Second call: Nwobodo Beneth Onyedika son of Patrick Okonkwo Nwobodo and Gladis Okonkwo Nwobodo (mother) native of Igbo wishes to marry Akpa Chukwu Cecilia daughter of Francis Akpa Chukwu and Nnenna Akpa Chukwu(mother) native of Igbo.

Linus Audu Ibrahim son of Danjuma Ibrahim and Caroline Abah (mother) native of Orumogwu-Akpanja, wishes to marry Elizabeth Joshua Idachaba daughter of Joshua Usman Idachaba and Salome Joshua Idachaba (mother) native of Ejule

Third call:Ajuh Patrick Inalegnan son of Ajuh Okwoli and Achetu Ajuh (mother) native of Onpanehe-Adoka, wishes to marry Onoja Patience.O. Daughter of Francis Akeh Onoja and Cecilia Onoja (mother) native of Oko-Orokan.

  1. Church Cleaning Roster for 4th week of March, 2020. Divine Mercy our Lady of Mount Carmel, Holy Infant Jesus, Holy Name Fellowship, All Saint Igala, St Jude, and all Society (general church cleaning)
  2. Closing of group marriage will be at ending of March.
  3. Infant Baptism Instruction comes up on the last Sunday of the month being 29th March, immediately after 10:00am mass.
  4. Infant Baptism comes up on the first Saturday of the month of March.
  5. The Parish CWO wishes to inform all mothers that the Mother’s day celebration for this year 2020 is on 29th March, 2020. All mothers are to prepare towards the celebration. Every mother is expected to pay her token of N500 only towards the celebration.
  6. Visit the new St. Francis Carmelite bookshop in the Parish for all your religious, Articles, spiritual books, Recharge cards and more. At affordable price.
  7. Salt of the earth……. Light of the world. This year cathedraticum will be taking place on Monday 6th of April, 2020 at SS.Peter/Paul Catholic Church Nyanya. This will be the official visit of our new Archbishop Kaigama to Karu Deanery. The following are items for various organizations, societies and communities
    1. CMO – 1 bag of rice 2. CWO – 50 Tubers of yam 3. St. Patrick Edo-Delta 1 big bag of Rice 4. St. Augustine Tiv – 4 bags of semovita 5. Catholic Charismatic renewal – 1 big bag of Rice 6. Infant Jesus – 4 cartons of indomie 7. St. Jude – 4 cartons of indomie 8. Zumutama – 40 tubers of yam 9. CYON – 1 Basket of fruits

All other societies – 2 cartons of indomie each. All other communities – 2 bags of semovita. 1 bag of rice for Laity council of CKC Kurudu station. Laity council of Azhata – half bag of rice.

Those items can be delivered to the catechist during the week. Salt of the earth….. Light of the world.

  1. Mother’s day celebration a 3 days Retreat;

Topic: Role of Women In the Family

Date: 25th 27th March, Time: 6:00pm, Begins with mass, Venue: CKC Kurudu

Host Rev.Fr Francis Idigbo OCD, ministering Rev.Fr Jude OCD. Organizer Mrs Omodara Anne.C. (Evangelizer CWO).

  1. Parish CYON are organizing a quiz competition on the catechism of the Catholic Church on 1/5/2020. To get the form and the catechism booklet, register with N 500 at the CYON stand.


1st position – N 10,000 + award

2nd position – N 5000

3rd position – N 3000

We also solicit for sponsors.

  1. List of communities and societies that are absent in Station Laity council meeting on 8th March, 2020.

     1.SS. Peter and Paul Idoma community 2. CWO 3. St. Rita society 4. Zumunta-mata

  1. 5. Mass Servers 6. Holy Infant Jesus.
  2. 11. Christ the King Catholic Church Kurudu Abuja holds her Annual Easter Concert

Date: 13th April 2020. Venue: CKC Kurudu

Time: 5:00pm Prompt. Theme: Alleluia! Jesus is risen.



  1. Zonal mass: Christ the King zone at the home of Late Engr. Matthew Shiga. Zonal leaders Miss. Dorcas Shiga tel:09020555163 , Linus Garba tel:07063083665 08099693603 0805404774, Godwin Oko tel:08130121767 , Felix Aderinola tel:07036806009 .

Communion service: St. Theresa of the Child Jesus at the home of Chief com. Eze. Zonal leader: Slyvester Daudu tel:07031175455 , cell leaders: Emmanuel Orji tel:08168128079 , Chief com. Eze tel:08069682467 , Elizabeth Nwachukwu tel:07063130888

  1. Zonal leaders in St. Luke the Evangelist zone Mr. Iorhemen John tel:08161280328 , Mrs. Onovo tel:08030718704 , Mr. Martins S.Y. JP. Tel:08066031970 09055968221.
  2. The Catechist will be praying with St. John of the Cross cell 2 at the home of Mr/Mrs. Emmanuel Igwilo; Mr. Igwilo tel:08137857516, Mrs Igwilo tel:08069191417
  3. The confraternity of our Lady of Mount Carmel is soliciting for new members, they meet every Saturday after morning mass (7:00am).
  4. Catholic Holy Name fellowship having their meeting on Saturday by 4:00pm, venue: church Premises. Old and new members are welcome.
  5. Zumuntan-mata holds her meeting and choir rehearsal every Friday by 3:00pm to 5:00pm at St. Joseph Hall.
  6. All youths who are good in playing football and volleyball should indicate their interest in submitting their names at the youth stand both registered and non-registered members as the CYON plans to organize a competition.
  7. CMO Christ is our Leader. The CMO Kurudu station is appealing to all fathers to support them in the forthcoming Father’s day celebration in May 10th, 2020. Please fathers will be contributing from N3000 and above. May God bless you as you support this year father’s Day celebration.
  8. Our Mother of Perpetual Help Novena begins on 16/03/2020 – 24/03/2020 every evening by 5:00pm at the Parish Center. New members are invited, while old members are reminded.



  1. Zonal mass will be at Zone D while communion service will be at zone A.
  2. St. Joseph Anambra/Enugu/Ebonyi Catholic community will be having her meeting today immediately after 9:00am mass.
  3. Church Warden’s are soliciting for new members from CYON, CMO and CWO. Their meeting is every last Sunday of the month immediately after 9:00am mass.
  4. The Legion of Mary is soliciting for new members. Their meeting days are Saturday and Sunday immediately after mass.
  5. The Children Choir will be starting their choir Practice on Sunday, Friday 4:00pm and Saturday 5:00pm.