aea announcement

 14th sunday in Ordinary Time, 7th July 2019

    1. Second Collection: PETER’S PENCE (ROME)
    2. MARRIAGE BANNS: Second call: Akosu Fedelis Tersoo son of late mr Akosu Julius Isavnande and mrs Juliana Akosu Isavnande(mother) native of Mbakaange wishes to marry Avwenagbiku Aghogho Joy daughter of mr James Avwenagbiku and late mrs Christiana Avwenagbiku (mother) native of Eku-Delta State.
    3. Registration for Adult Baptism will end on 14th July, 2019.
    4. We have resumed our normal 3rd Friday Candle Light Procession please take note. And every Friday Adoration has commerce.
    5. The Parish Catholic Lector Association of Nigeria (CLAN) will be hosting the Deanery lectors on 21st July 2019. Meanwhile their general meeting comes up at Azhata on 13th July 2019 by 4:00pm. Members are encouraged to attend.
    6. The parish Altar server will have her general meeting today at C.K.C Kurudu by 1:00pm. New members are welcome.
    7. Bro Emmanuel Okpara OCD who has been working with for the past one year is going back next week to resume his studies. Please let us support him after post communion prayer.
    8. Appreciation to all parishioners for the success of our 10th anniversary.
    9. We have a new seminarian Bro. Tamuno Jeremiah for six (6) weeks apostolic work



      1. Zonal Mass: Zone 3 Christ the King. They will meet in the house of late Mrs Angelina David on 9th July, 2019 by 6:00pm at Medina Mosque behind L.E.A Primary School. You can call Mr David Fokchet on this phone no: 08070938755

      Zonal Mass: Zone 5 St Pope John Paul de 11. They will meet in the house of Prof & Dr Mrs Ekoja. At phase 1 Army Estate 1st gate.

      1. St Augustine Tiv Catholic Community Kurudu station will have her monthly general meeting after 8:00am mass. Old and new members are encouraged to attend.
      2. St. Peter Catholic Community of Akwa-Ibom, Rivers, Cross-river, and Bayelsa, will have her monthly meeting today immediately after 10:00am mass. Old and new members are welcome.
      3. The CYON will be having her quarterly thanksgiving today during 10:00am and her monthly general meeting / celebration of birthday holds today immediately after the mass. New members are welcome



      1. Zonal Mass: Zone A. While Communion Service will be at Zone B leaders please take note.
      2. Pay your AMC at the payment point.
      3. The Legion of Mary are Soliciting for new members. Their meeting days are Saturday and Sunday immediately after the mass.
      4. St. Vincent De Paul Society are soliciting for new members
      5. Parent should stop giving their children biscuit during mass please.